Wednesday, 15 October 2008

End of the Internet?

The big media companies start to move...

Hard to think of the net as a mere tv station/ tivo. The worst way to use the net (streaming media instead of p2p) will end up as begin the only way it's used - forced to conform to the old fashioned regular broadcast media model with central control.

Why do 'they' dislike people having freedom? The net is free and it's not the end of the world, and governments are just as much in control as they always were.

Just as everyone is getting their groove on and having some fun, and making friends, and linking arms across the globe, and realising people who are different aren't so different, the government gets funny ... oh yeah, I get;

If everyone is being friendly and it's hard to 'divide and conquer' if the masses are all friendly.

No more power games?

The world would be so much better with net neutrality; humanity would be so much better off. More ideas, more innovation more opportunity, and more inspiration!

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