Sunday, 29 June 2008

P2P doesn't clog up the network

It seems that ISP who throttle P2P are not doing it because it clogs up their network; but for other, perhaps nefarious, reasons?

P2P does not harm networks
Bell’s Own Data Shatters P2P Red Herring

Everyone knew (well 'everyone' who knew people who deals with networks) that this anti-P2P position was nonsense, but this type of data is rarely seen in public, and it should be an eye opener to many. It's not a case that networks suffer under heavy load, the ISPs claim it so they are able to 'legitimately' throttle one type of traffic, which circumvents net neutrality. If P2P was really a problem then streaming media would be far worse and that is not throttled.

Big business does not like P2P as they are uncreative and unable to see money in it for them. Whereas they love streaming media, which is resource heavy (as every watch is a new download in real time) yet big business loves it. The network would be far better managed and efficient with P2P supplying media than it would be if all media was supplied by streaming it.

With streaming media it's like the big media companies are trying to turn the web into a broadcast system (like tv and radio), whereas the web is far better suited to being what it is; a 'web', than an imitation of something it is not. Perhaps the big media companies can not see beyond there nose and are trying to turn the web into something they recognise.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


A new project to create a striped down P2P app specifically designed to exploit the power of magnetlinks in all their glory (may even get .magma too!). GnuGet is based on (real) Shareaza and will used the G2 network ;)
Quote: (Source: What is Gnuget?)
GnuGet is a lightweight download manager style P2P application. Here are some of the things that make GnuGet Unique:
    1. It is extremely small
    2. It is OS independent (written in Java)
    3. It uses a whitelist to pro-actively fight piracy and encourage the sharing of open source software
    4. It uses magnet links on official sites instead of a search function so you can be sure you are downloading official files.
    5.Stops users downloading spam, misnamed files, corrupt files, or infected files.
    6.Helps to clean up the G2 network because bad magnet links are removed, and without the magnet link the bad files are in limbo.
    7. Allows charities and open source projects offset download/ bandwidth costs while ensuring their specified files are downloaded via P2P.

For more info check out
If this works out it will be the P2P app of choice for Artists Unchained!

Discussion over on the (real) Shareaza Forums: GnuGet Forum